Alliance to Prevent Substance Abuse

Regular Meetings

  • Noon
  • 2nd Wednesday of every month
  • Locations vary


  • Linda Altini
  • George Baumann
  • Kristin Clyne
  • Mary Cozzolino
  • MaryEllen Dykeman
  • Jeff Friedman
  • Joseph Howie
  • Margaret Jahn
  • Annette Jordan
  • Maureen Maccutcheon
  • Rev Dr. Patricia S Medley
  • Debra Preston
  • Lester Preston Jr.
  • John Reiff
  • Jay Robinson
  • Sharon Shutzer
  • Rocco Tomazic


This Committee's responsibilities include the promotion and support of alcohol and drug prevention and education programs and related activities with an emphasis on youth.

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