Cable TV Advisory Committee

Regular Meetings

  • Held as required
  • Open to the public
  • Freehold Township's Municipal Building
  • For more information, call the Public Information Office at 732-294-2033


  • Benjamin Anderson
  • Thomas L. Cook
  • Paul Hessler
  • Nathan Rosen
  • Michael Schiff


The purpose of the Cable TV Advisory Committee is to improve and expand the role of Freehold Township's Municipal Access Channel, TV-77, in disseminating information to the public. This is accomplished by developing a program schedule that provides entertainment and information of a local, non-political nature. In addition, the Committee will serve as a reception point for citizen comments, suggestions and complaints regarding the Township's cable television company. Finally, the Cable TV Advisory Committee is responsible for developing and submitting an annual budget. Since TV-77 is funded primarily by the Township of Freehold as a function of its normal operating budget, the Committee is responsible for exercising prudent financial care in the use of funds provided.


The Cable TV Advisory Committee consists of 6 members, 5 of whom are chosen from the general public, and 1, who serves as a liaison, is chosen from the Freehold Township Committee. The 5 members from the general public are appointed for 3-year terms. In addition, the Public Information Officer shall serve as staff to the Committee. The Cable TV Advisory Committee is under the aegis of the TV-77 Management Council, which reviews and approves the actions of the Advisory Committee and serves as a liaison with the Freehold Township Committee, if and when required. The TV-77 Management Council consists of the Township Committee liaison person, the Assistant Township Administrator, the Public Information Officer and the Chairman of the Cable TV Advisory Committee.