Mayor's Message

2023 Mayor Alan Walker

Representing our residents in the capacity of Mayor of Freehold Township for the next twelve months in a Town that I truly love is something I am looking forward to doing.  Thank you to my fellow Township Committee Members for honoring me with this appointment.  Freehold Township is a great place in which to work and live.  We have a phenomenal work force here, one that takes tremendous pride in their jobs and delivering exceptional service to our residents.  In advance, I want to thank our Department Heads and all of our employees for their steadfast dedication.  We are incredibly lucky to have a team of people that is so caring and thoughtful to their positions. 

Make no mistake about it, being an elected official is a difficult job, one that none of your duly elected officials take lightly or for granted.  We strive to get tasks accomplished that benefit all of our residents; there truly is no “I” in this group.   Each of us that serve on the Township Committee brings a unique skill set to the table, skills that enable us as a team to work productively to get things done for you.  I am grateful that Committee Members Ammiano, Cook and Fasano, and Deputy Mayor Preston have great leadership qualities and have been instrumental in preparing me for this opportunity. 

Many fantastic things happened in Freehold Township during the past year and I look forward to continuing that momentum in 2023.  We have many shared service agreements with other governmental entities that provide our residents tax relief.  Among the many things that were accomplished in 2022, were significant road improvements throughout Freehold Township, more police officers were hired, we are reusing the long defunct Lone Pine Landfill as a solar energy facility, building improvements at the Jackson Mills Road Recreational Facility were made, a historic building adjacent to the Wal-Mart Shopping Center was saved from decay/condemnation and we acquired an environmentally sensitive 150-acre site off of Ely Harmony Road to be preserved as open space (the largest parcel ever acquired for this purpose by the Township of Freehold.)  Your Governing Body is always hard at work doing all we can to make Freehold Township a great place to live, work and enjoy recreational pursuits.

I am a proud son of Freehold Township having moved here with my family at the age of four from Queens, NY.  I attended the old West Freehold School, Clifton T. Barkalow Middle School and I am just the third person to attend Freehold Township High School to assume the position of Mayor in Freehold Township.  Ask anyone who grew up here, they will tell you that our roots run deep in Freehold Township.  We never forget where we come from and the relationships we build.  It is an honor to represent all 36,000 residents of our “Family Town.”  On behalf of the entire Freehold Township Committee, I would like to wish you and your families a happy and healthy 2023.

Alan Walker, Mayor
Freehold Township