The Engineering Department provides professional assistance to the various Township departments, such as the Planning Board as well as technical support for Township homeowners and developers. Areas of responsibility include:

  • Coordinate the construction of approved site plans and subdivision applications for the Planning Board
  • Provide construction inspections (excluding buildings, which are inspected by the (Construction Department) for all new development sites in the Township
  • Review and approve excavation within the right-of-way
  • Review lot grading plans (drainage) for new inground pools, additions, etc.
  • Perform field inspections for all capital improvements, including state aid projects
  • Coordinate with the Public Works Department for the annual Pavement Rating Program
  • Management of the annual Road Overlay Program
  • Geographic Information System (G.I.S.) data gathering/dissemination for public and private entities
  • Administration of the 50/50 Sidewalk/Curb Replacement Program for reimbursement available to Township residents.

Maps Available From the Department

Maps available for review and replication in the Engineering Department include hydric soils, wetlands, tax maps, water and sanitary sewer distribution, topographic base maps, orthophotographic base maps, and street maps. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Maps are available directly from the FEMA website. Costs for Township map reproductions are $8 for standard 24-inch by 36-inch maps. Also, 11-inch by 17-inch maps are available for $1.50. Digital orthophotography and planimetrics are available by individual tiles at $150 each in digital or paper formats.

Maps Available Online

Excavation Within the Right-of-Way (Trench Opening)

Fill out the Permit Application for Excavation (PDF) or contact the Township Clerk's Office at 732-294-2010.

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