Campground, Youth Camp & Public Swimming Pool Inspection Program

Public campgrounds, youth camps and public swimming pools are inspected annually by licensed health inspectors. The State Sanitary Code is adopted by reference in the board of Health Ordinances, and camp and pool owners are expected to comply with State law. Campgrounds are inspected primarily for sanitary conditions, while youth camps are inspected for site conditions, sanitation, hazard activity and waterfront safety, and for food and water safety.

Public swimming pools are licensed annually and inspected by health inspectors prior to opening for the summer season. Additional unannounced inspections are made periodically during the summer. Inspectors check safety equipment, water quality, site conditions, and ensure the proper credentialing of all lifeguards and pool operators. See the Application for Swimming Pool License (PDF).

If you have a complaint regarding a public campground, youth camp or pool, please call the Health Department at 732-294-2060.