Freehold Mayor's Wellness Campaign


Freehold Township has been named a "Healthy Town to Watch" in 2017 and 2018.

Freehold Township has been named Healthy Town 2019!

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Mayor's Wellness Campaign: I pledge to be active, eat healthy, track my progress

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The Freehold Mayor's Wellness Campaign (MWC) was formed in 2013 as a way to address the health concerns of our community. The Freehold MWC is committed to supporting programs and initiatives that work to create healthier Freehold Residents while making the environment we all live in a place that supports an active and healthy life.

Did You Know

  • 57% of New Jersey residents are overweight or obese.
  • 26% of New Jersey adults have not participated in any physical activity in the past month.
  • If current trends continue, the current generation of children in this country may have shorter life expectancies than their parents.


Advance a culture of health and wellness in Freehold Township by educating the community about healthy choices, encouraging active lifestyles and fostering quality programs through collaborative community partnerships that promote an optimum state of wellness for all.