Public Works

The Department of Public Works provides maintenance services to Township roads and infrastructure, including storm sewers, roadway striping, and street sign installation. Other responsibilities include recycling, detention basin maintenance, roadside mowing, street sweeping, snow and ice control, and the annual collection of bulk, brush, and leaves. Garbage collection in Freehold Township is contracted privately by each resident.

The Streets and Roads Division provides road repairs and pavement maintenance to maximize travel safety. Township right-of-ways are also maintained by this Division through grass cutting, street sign repairs, and street sweeping.

The repair of all Township vehicles and equipment is the responsibility of the Automotive Service Division. This Division performs routine maintenance, as well as emergency road service repairs and inspections on Township vehicles and equipment.

During a winter storm, access to properties and unimpeded traffic flow is vitally important to ensure the safety of motorists. Prompt snow and ice control services on all municipally owned roads is therefore an essential task of the Department of Public Works personnel.

Public Works employees do not work alone to ensure quick and efficient control of snow and ice. Thanks to the cooperation of residents who obey Ordinance 96-06, vehicles are quickly removed from snow-covered streets. This allows plows and sanders to easily and efficiently clear snow and ice from local roads. Remember if it is snowing or expected to snow, please move all vehicles and portable basketball hoops, etc. from the roadway to allow snow and ice control services to work effectively.

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