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Township of Freehold, NJ
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Welcome to Freehold Townships Online Tax and Utilities (Water/Sewer) Account Lookup and Payment Section. Please read the following information carefully as it will explain the fees associated with paying your taxes online as well as information pertaining to tax account lookup.

The township is not accepting credit cards at this time.

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Online Tax and Utilities (Water/Sewer) Payment Convenience Fees

Please be advised that E-Check payments can only be made via the internet and that there are convenience fees that will be charged to the user for each transaction. Please note that the fee for using a Visa debit card is 2.95%. If you have the funds in your checking account, the fee for using an e-check is a flat $1.95 per transaction instead of the 2.95% of the transaction amount incurred for a Visa debit card.

Convenience fees are retained by the service provider and are not paid to, or shared with, Freehold Township.


The interest listed on delinquent amounts is calculated to today's date. Interest must be paid in full and will be deducted first before any monies are applied to taxes. Once interest is deducted, monies will be applied to the oldest taxes first. Please contact our office to obtain interest calculations for a future date.

Tax and Utilities (Water/Sewer) Account Look-Up Disclaimer

Tax account look-up is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a municipal tax search. Account information is subject to updates, corrections and reversals. Freehold Township is not responsible for erroneous interpretation of the records or for changes made after the look-up.

Assessment Values

The Assessment values that appear on the Tax Account lookup section are from the last update to the Municipal Assessors records, which only occurs twice a year, and may not reflect the Assessed value on the Assessor's records. Please keep in mind that the Assessor's records are always 1 year ahead of the current year.

Municipal & Third-Party Tax Liens

Municipal and Third-Party tax liens cannot be paid online. All redemptions of liens must be made through the tax office with certified funds, such as certified check, money order or cash. Redemption figures must be requested in advance and may take 3 or more business days to be provided. (Online tax accounts with 3rd-party tax liens may report taxes as paid; however, the taxes may have been paid by the lienholder and are still due as part of the 3rd-party lien. Municipal liens may also report taxes as paid; however, the taxes may only have been transferred to the lien and are still due as part of the Municipal lien.)

Properties in Bankruptcy

Tax accounts that have an open balance at the time of the bankruptcy filing may have those balances transferred to a special charges account. Any taxes transferred to a special charges account will appear paid on the regular tax account, but will be still due and owing under special charges. Properties in bankruptcy cannot be paid online.

Special Charges Accounts

Special Charges accounts contain balances that are due in addition to the regular account. Please contact this office at 732-294-2022 to obtain further information on accounts that are noted as having special charges.


Once taxes are paid online, refunds will not be permitted. If monies paid result in an overpayment of taxes, please contact this office for assistance. Please make sure you are paying on the correct account prior to making payment.

Entering the Online Tax and Utilities (Water/Sewer) Account Lookup & Payment Section

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