Who removes the dead tree in front of my house?

The homeowner is responsible for the removal of trees located on private property. If trees are beyond the "home site" a permit is required. A "home site" is an area within 100 feet of the foundation of the house. In order to remove trees beyond the "home site," the homeowner must process a Tree Removal Permit (PDF) from the Shade Tree Department.

Two significant restrictions, whether within the "home site" or not, to the tree removal permit process are:

  1. Whether the tree(s) is a "Heritage or Historic tree": A special Township ordinance restricts removal of Heritage or Historic trees. The Heritage Tree List (PDF) is on file in the Shade Tree office.
  2. If the tree is within 25 feet of the edge of the right-of-way, a Tree Removal Permit must be approved before the actual tree removal. The township currently approves permits at no cost or the removal of dead trees.

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